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Welcome to Mimico

Mimico is one of the city’s coveted lake-front neighbourhoods, being in Toronto’s West end as well as being an integral part of Etobicoke situated in its South-East corner. Mimico’s transportation options are incredible, with two major highways – the Gardiner Expressway and Lake Shore Boulevard West - located within its boundaries. In addition to that, it has its own Mimico GO Transit Train Station, connecting the community to various prominent destinations in and out of Toronto.
Like so many places in Ontario, Mimico’s name comes from its Indigenous history dating back hundreds of years. The area was inhabited by the Ojibwe First Nations peoples who referred to this lakeside part of the land as Omiimiikaa, meaning ‘abundant with wild pigeons’, a term that was later shortened and simplified to Mimico. It is worth noting that the passenger pigeons who gave this neighbourhood its namesake have since become instinct, rendering the name a historical anecdote rather than an accurate description.
In the early 1800’s a man by the name of William Gamble opened a sawmill in the area now known as Mimico, and with this came many job opportunities which led to people wanting to settle down in the immediate area. A church and school followed, and while William Gamble eventually moved the Sawmill elsewhere, many settlers remained as they recognized the value of this area. In 1855, a railway station opened in Mimico, making it a busy stop between downtown Toronto and Hamilton. The neighbourhood notably grew in the early 1900s with more businesses opening, more railway lines being added, and of course more people choosing Mimico as their home. The waterfront properties attracted some of the wealthiest families in Toronto, while the transportation accessibility made the area popular to all. Mimico became its own town in 1917, and 50 years later became a vital part of the Township of Etobicoke. Today Mimico and Etobicoke are now a part of the City of Toronto, however the community of Mimico undoubtedly maintains its unique charm and convenience.

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