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Welcome to Annex

The Annex, now over one hundred years old, is not only the most eclectic of Toronto’s affluent neighbourhoods but also the most heterogeneous community. Long-term residents blend with young families and transient University of Toronto students, giving the Annex a lively vibe. Strolling along its quiet, tree-lined one-way streets, you can discover the architectural splendour of its stately homes. In the heart of Toronto, the Annex comes alive at night when people from all over the city converge among its restaurants, bars and nightclubs. This neighbourhood also has an outstanding presence in Toronto’s cultural scene thanks to its arts venues.
Back in 1790s, when surveyors laid out York Township, the area of The Annex neighbourhood was settled by Europeans. The area east of Brunswick Avenue became part of the village of Yorkville, while the region west of Brunswick was part of Seaton Village. The area was subdivided in the 1880's by Simeon Janes. The subdivision, called "the Toronto Annex", was soon annexed by the City of Toronto in 1887 and immediately became one of Toronto's elite neighbourhoods with many notable residents, including Timothy Eaton, patriarch of the Eatons Department Store, and George Gooderham, president of Gooderham & Worts Distillery. After this Golden Era, which ended in the early 1900's, the upper classes began to migrate northward above the Davenport escarpment to newer more fashionable suburbs in Forest Hill and Lawrence Park. However, the Annex has endured and in 1960 was saved from the proposed Spadina Expressway which would have divided it in half thanks to its residents' powerful lobby group, the Annex Residents Association.

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