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Ideally situated close to the main arteries leading into the heart of Toronto.

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Welcome to Markland Wood, Toronto

Marc Cavotti had a vision to create a modern residential community close to Metropolitan Toronto and was actively seeking available land. He and his associates examined many locations before discovering that the Silverthorn family’s farm was for sale. As soon as Marc saw the site he knew it was the perfect location for the development he had envisioned.

Ideally situated close to the main arteries leading into the heart of Toronto, the farm had an abundance of trees, brooks, and rivers. After being in the Silverthorn family for 148 years, the Mill Farm as it was known, was sold to Marc Cavotti in July of 1958. The 400 acre farm, running south from Dundas Street to Burnhamthorpe Road along the edge of the Etobicoke Creek sold for $3,000,000. The Silverthorn family had concerns about retaining the trees on the property, and Mr. Cavotti promised to preserve as many trees as possible in the development. To preserve the area’s natural beauty, Mr. Cavotti asked potential homeowners to sign a contract that they would preserve any trees on their property.

Jokingly referred to by his associates as ‘Mark’s land’, they honoured him and his vision by calling the area “Markland Wood.” Development commenced in 1960, and was completed in multiple phases with development beginning south of Bloor Street. By 1967 virtually all of the single family houses in Markland Wood had been completed, except for a selection of custom-built homes along Markland Drive which were completed over the following years, as well as some tract housing at the north end of Thicket Road, completed in 1971 and 1972. The Masters condominiums, which are very popular for downsizers in Markland, were built along the west side of Mill Road, north of Markland Drive, in the mid-1970s.

Marc and his brother Dante were avid golfers and knew Al Balding who was a Canadian professional golfer, who had won four events on the PGA Tour. It was Balding who suggested that the area of 100 acres bounding the Etobicoke Creek would be the perfect location for a golf course. Marc and his brother moved forward with the development of Markland Wood Golf Club and appointed Al Balding as the first Club professional in 1964. Until his death in 1999, at the age of 82, Marc Cavotti remained an avid supporter of Markland Golf Club and was a primary contributor to the development of the Club’s Junior Golf Program. Framing the western and southern borders of Markland Wood, the Golf Club remains one of the many unique features of the neighbourhood, and the Club House provides an ideal venue for social events in the neighbourhood.

In 1962, The Markland Wood Homeowners Association was formed to "create, foster and maintain the community spirit in Markland Wood". The Association publishes The Marklander newsletter which is the oldest, continuously running, community newspaper in Toronto. It was first published in 1962 and now has 10 annual issues delivered to Markland residents.

Markland Wood remains a vibrant and highly desirable neighbourhood, in close proximity to both downtown Toronto and Pearson International Airport. With easy access to both public transit and major highways, the location cannot be beat.  Offering premier local schools, shops, and restaurants, this idyllic community continues to attract families from throughout
the Greater Toronto Area.


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