How to Prep Your Home for the Winter Season

How to Prep Your Home for the Winter Season

  • 11/18/22

The winter season in Toronto typically lasts for just over four months, starting in December and stretching through the end of March. Daily temperatures can dip below zero, causing issues for homeowners who aren’t prepared. Thankfully, there are several ways to set your home up for a warm, problem-free winter. If you’re looking to invest in Toronto homes for sale or already have, here are a few key steps to take to get your property ready.

Prepare your pipes

One of the worst experiences that can happen in winter is a set of burst pipes. If water freezes within one of your pipes, water will build up around it. That water can then freeze, and the continual process puts more pressure on your pipes. When too much pressure builds up, they can crack and leak. That’s why homeowners should take extra precautions when winterizing their pipes. It’s helpful to have a professional assist, shut off the water, and empty all the pipes before adding antifreeze. It’s also a good idea to wrap insulation covers and foam sleeves around pipes.

Inspect your roof

If you live in a stand-alone home or a townhouse, don’t forget to have your roof inspected before winter. Roofs are often only thought about when something goes wrong, but preventative measures are crucial to maintaining your roof. Professional roof inspectors are experts at spotting signs of potential trouble, whether worn shingles or cracking.
It’ll be essential to have them check any weather-proofing you’ve done to ensure it’s still in good condition. Like anything else, roofs can take a beating from winter wind, snow, and sleet. Protect yourself from unnecessary expenses by proactively caring for your roof.

Check for cracks and broken seals

If you didn’t get around to checking your home for cracks during the fall, you’ll want to do so before the winter sets in. Heat escaping through your vents, windows, or doors can force your heating system to work harder and drive up your expenses. It can also keep your system from working as efficiently.
Go around to each of the openings in your home and test them for signs of escaping air. If you need to, add insulation through additional caulking around openings or new weather strips. Depending on your home type, you may want to use a door draft stopper for added protection against the outdoors.

Stock up on winter supplies

Anyone who has bought homes for sale in Toronto knows that they take upkeep in the winter and that upkeep requires particular supplies. Sturdy snow shovels & snow blowers are just the beginning. You’ll also want to pull out your good winter coat and the best pair of boots.
As fall turns to winter, use the transition as an excuse to revisit the storage room or garage for some seasonal tidying. While you swap out your summer and fall attire, you can get out your skates, shovels, and other winter items.

Keep up with outdoor maintenance

It can be easy to fall behind on crucial winter maintenance tasks, from shoveling snow to salting your driveway and clearing leaves and ice from your gutters. But all of this should be done regularly to avoid damage, accidents, and fines. Toronto requires residents to clear snow off the walkways around their homes within 12 hours of the most recent snowfall. Rock salt is essential, too, as it helps the snow melt and adds traction that can keep pedestrians from slipping.
If you’re considering homes for sale in Toronto or looking to list your property, work with a real estate broker who understands how to navigate the Toronto market each season. From finding the right property in the right part of the city to ensuring you have what you need to step into homeownership, the right broker can make the entire buying experience much smoother. When you’re ready to start the process, reach out to top Toronto real estate professional Kevin Crigger.


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